The blog Geschichtstheorie am Werk aims to theorize and reflect on history, which is to say history as both a research object and epistemological practice. It seeks, in the sense of a workshop, to critically question what history is, and how it can be researched and represented. Hence, by the theory of history we understand a process that is “at work,” one that also includes reflecting on one’s own practice. This results in a wide range of topics, including “classic” questions such as: What exactly is history? How can the ontological absence of the past and future be realized? What are the objects of historical research? How are they dealt with in achieving knowledge? In what medial, fragmentary, and (non)-accidental form is the past handed down? Which (medial) forms of representation do historians choose to present their interpretations of non-present times? What social roles are assigned to history, and what ethical values are associated with it as a historically and geographically situated academic practice?

The Editorial team invites researchers interested in historical theory to submit their contributions and reflections in German, English, French, Italian, or Spanish.