The International Committee of Historical Sciences has 3 kinds of members :

  • National Committees : there are 51 national committees in 2015. They are representative of the institutions of historical research in each member country;
  •  International Affiliated Organisations. There are 30 in 2015. They are devoted to research and to scholarly publication in particular areas of historical study.
  •  Internal Commissions. There are 8 in 2015. They are devoted to the execution of scholarly projects or the organization of specific scholarly gatherings. New international associations which pursue, in their field, the same objectives as an Affiliated International Organization may also be admitted in quality of Internal Commission, for a period not exceeding ten years and in view of a future admission as an Affiliated International Organization.

In 2007, an enquiry has been submitted to all members in order to deepen the knowledge of their projects, their history and their actuality.