L’historiographie chinoise au présent et au futur – The Present and Future of Chinese Historiography

Académie chinoise des Sciences sociales / L’Association des historiens chinois /Comité international des sciences historiques – The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences / The Association of Chinese Historians /The International Committee of Historical Sciences

16 septembre 2007- September 16, 2007

Opening remarks: Professor Li Wenhai, President of the Association of Chinese Historians
Welcome address: Leng Rong, Executive Vice-President of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Welcome address: Professor José Luis Peset, President of the International Committee of Historical Sciences

General introduction
Zhang Haipeng: Contemporary Historiography of China

Session I: The Ancient History of China
Chen Xingcan, Archaeological Discoveries in the PRC and Their Contributions to the Understanding of Chinese History
Bu Xianqun, Some Features of Contemporary Research on Ancient Chinese History

Session II: Modern Chinese History
Wang Chaoguang, The Research of Republican Chinese History in Recent Years
Zhang Xingxing, Current Status of the People’s Republic of China History Studies (texte non disponible)
Xiong Yuezhi, An Overview of the Chinese Urban History Studies (1986-2006)

Session III: China and the World
Li Bozhong, Retrospect and Prospect: the Rise of China’s Economic Historiography
Chen Qineng, The Development of World History Studies in China in Recent Years: A Survey
Xu Lan, A Survey of Chinese Research on World War II (texte non disponible)

Additional texts
Niu Dyong and Xu Lan, International Historical Studies in PRC during the Post-WWII Period: New Perspectives and Limitation
Ma Dazheng, Xia-Shang-Zhou, Chronology Project and the Project to Re-Compile Qin History