I – Academic meeting : 11 September – Introduction: Prof. Yoichi KIBATA

Session 1 : New Perspectives in Urban and Social History
Chair: Prof. Kazuhiko KONDO
Prof. Marjatta HIETALA: New Challenges for Urban History: Culture Networks, Globalization – Japanese discussant: Dr Takeshi ITO
Prof. Laurent TISSOT: From Alpine Tourism to the “Alpanization” of Tourism – Japanese discussant: Dr. Rieko KUBO

Session 2
Chair: Prof. Hiroyuki KOTANI
Prof. Mikhail BIBIKOV: People and Power in Byzantium – Japanese discussant: Dr Hisatsugu KUSABU
Prof. Jean-Claude ROBERT: Historical Research, Archives and Internet – Japanese discussant: Prof. Shigekazu KONDO
Prof. Michael HEYD: Is There a Future to the Teaching of the Past? On the Relevance of History Teaching Nowadays – Japanese discussant: Prof. Hiroshi MITANI
Prof. W. (Pim) den BOER: Teaching History and Forgetting the Past: Contested lieux de mémoire – Japanese discussant: Prof. Masayuki SATO

II – Open symposium: Future of Historical Studies in the Age of Globalization

Prof. Koichi KABAYAMA: Opening remarks: Toward an Utopia of Historians
Prof. José Luis PESET: History of Sciences, From the History of Ideas to Cultural History
Prof. Jürgen KOCKA: Global History: Opportunities, Dangers, Recent Trends
Prof. Hilda SABATO: Political History in Latin America: Recent Trends and New Perspectives
Prof. CHA Ha Soon: The Conditions and Limits of Contemporary History