Conference from International Committee of Historical Sciences, with : Federation of Finnish Learned Society, Finnish Historical Society, University of Tampere, University of Helsinki, National Archives of Finland, Alfred Kordelin Foundation.


NATIONAL HISTORIES: Global and Local Challenges

Chair : Marjatta Hietala, President of CISH/ICHS

Robert Frank, Professor, Université Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne
Transnational History of Nations

Jie-Hyun Lim, Professor, Hanyang University, Korea
Victimhood Nationalism in National History Writings – Comparatives Perspectives on Europe and East Asia

Holger Weiss, Professor, Abo Akademi University
Global Ambitions, Structured Constraints and Marginality as a Choice: Anticolonialism and Class or Race Solidarity ?

Marja Javala, Docent, Academy Research Fellow, University of Helsinki
Tao Wenzhao, Professor, Insitute of American Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China

WELFARE STATE:  Past, Present and Future

Chair: Marjaana Niemi, docent, Academy Research Fellow, University of Tampere.

Pauli Kettunen, Professor, University Helsinki
The Nordic Welfare State- Historical Foundations and Future Challenges

Pertti Haapala, Professor, University of Tampere
Modernization of Finland in Global Perspectives

Pim den Boer, Professor, university of Amsterdam
National Identities and World Heritage

Commentator: Hilda Sabato, University of Buenos Aires

ROADS FOR PROSPERITY: Education, Equality, Culture

Chair: Ann-Catrin Östman, Senior Lecturer, Abo Akademi University

Karen Offen, Senior Scholar, the Clayman Institute for Gender Research, Stanford University
Some Thoughts on the Potential for Research in Women’s and Gender History in the Age of Global internet

Laurent Tissot, Professor, Université de Neuchâtel
Tourism: A Road to Gender Equality ? Historical Reflexions

Aura Korppi-Tommola, Professor, Federation of Finnish Learned Society
Tiina Kinnunen, Docent, Senior lecturer, University of Eastern Finland

Concluding: Marjatta Hietala