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Amsterdam 2010

The 21st Congress of the CISH took place in the heart of the city of Amsterdam. Three major themes on which the historians worked, were this year there, the fall of the Empires, the City as Culture and the connections between Religion and Power. Download the Programme Download the Final Report

Board 2010-2015

Présidente Professeur Marjatta HIETALA Department of History and Philosophy FIN-33014 University of Tampere — Finland e-mail : Vice-présidents Professeur Hilda SABATO Llavallol 4729 C1419AKO Buenos Aires — Argentine e-mail : Professeur W. (Pim) den BOER History of European Culture University of Amsterdam Oude Turfmarkt 141-147 1012 GC Amsterdam — The Netherlands e-mail : […]

List of Congresses du CISH since beginnings

I PARIS (Congrès international d’Histoire comparée) 1900 II ROME 1903 III BERLIN 1908 IV LONDRES 1913 V BRUXELLES 1923 * GENÈVE, 15 mai 1926 : constitution du CISH : (Comité International des Sciences Historiques 1926 VI OSLO 1928 VII VARSOVIE 1933 VIII ZURICH 1938 * Interruption due to World War II IX PARIS (UNESCO) 1950 […]

Congresses & meetings

The Congress of the CISH, which takes place every five years, is the biggest world meeting of the international community of the historians. It is the opportunity to present the most innovative themes, and to discuss with colleagues from all the continents. Latest news about Congresses For more information, please visit the specific pages: Poznan […]

Minutes of the Board

Last minutes of the Board Board meeting, Amsterdam, 29 February 2016 (in french) Previous Minutes of the Board Board meeting, Amsterdam, 27 August 2010 Board meeting, Amsterdam, 21 August 2010 Subcommittee on the Program of the Congress, Final report, July 2010 Restraint Board meeting, Madrid, 12 March 2010 Board meeting, Tokyo, 13 September 2009Bureau restreint […]

General Assemblies

MOSCOW – 29-30 September 2017 General Assemblies Moscow, 29-30 September 2017 JINAN 2015 –  22-29 August 2015 General Assembly Jinan, 23 August 2015 General Assembly, Jinan, 29 August 2015 BUDAPEST 2012 – 6-8 septembre 2012 Report List of proposals for the XXII Congress of ISCH – Jinan 2015 – approved by the General Assemblee Programme of […]