Turin, September 6, 2023

Dear Colleagues,     

A year has passed since the close of the 23rd Congress in Poznan.  It is now up to us to prepare for the 24th CISH Congress in Jerusalem, July 26-31, 2026.  

Only CISH members (national committees, affiliated international organizations, internal commissions) are invited to send the CISH secretariat their proposals for themes to structure the Congress program. 

The format for presentations remains unchanged, in accordance with the resolutions of the General Assemblies: 

– 1. Major themes: sessions last a full day, and the number of presenters must not exceed twelve. 

– 2. Joint sessions: these must be proposed by at least two CISH member organizations. They take place over three hours and must not bring together more than six speakers.

– 3. Specialized themes: these sessions involve between six and eight speakers and last three hours.

– 4. Round tables and special sessions: the round table consists of a panel discussion of a substantial text, raising a major issue and drafted by the person in charge of the session. The maximum number of participants is four, excluding the organizer(s). Sessions last three hours.

Proposals must therefore clearly specify whether they concern a major theme or one of the other types of session.

The themes proposed must be varied and innovative. If possible, they should put several regions of the world into perspective, and for the major themes in particular, they should cover all chronological periods. Care should be taken to balance genders and generations in the choice of speakers. 

Organizers are asked to write a short presentation on the theme of the session (5,000 characters in Word format). They should fill in the form below with their contact details. Please note that the working languages are English, French and Spanish only. Organizers can already indicate the names and qualifications of the speakers. 

Each member of the CISH, through its representative, must return all proposals to the general secretariat cish.secretary.general@gmail.com before February 28, 2024

The proposals selected by the committee will be posted on our website: www.cish.org and all CISH members will have a short period in which to send their reactions. 

Considering these reactions, the committee responsible for preparing the Congress program will draw up a synthesis of the proposals.  This synthesis will be submitted to the General Assembly (Tokyo, October 26, 2024) for discussion and vote. The major themes will be chosen separately by the General Assembly from the list of proposals. 

We remind you that the board is authorized to propose panel pairings directly to the organizers in the event of similar themes. It is the responsibility of CISH members to keep the organizers informed of developments in the procedure. The organizers are obliged to inform those whose proposals have been rejected.  Please refer to the program for the 23rd Poznan Congress.

Once the General Meeting has voted, the selected organizers will be responsible for setting up their session and recruiting their speakers. Details will be sent out by the ICHS Board at the end of 2024. The board may issue a second call for contributions to solicit new themes or complete certain sessions.

Warmest regards, 

Edoardo Tortarolo

Call-for-Proposals-Jerusalem-2026 & Form.pdf