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International Committee of Historical Sciences


Historical Society of Israel

General Secretary : Mr. Zvi Yekutiel
2 Betar St., P. O. Box 4179
Jerusalem 91041, Israel
e-mail : shazar@shazar.org.il
page Web : www.shazar.org.il

Président : Prof. Israel Bartal
Secrétaire général : Prof. Zvi Yekutiel
Membres : Prof. Gadi Algazi, Dr. Avriel Bar-Levav, Prof. Albert Baumgarten, Prof. Shmuel Feiner, Prof. Isaiah M. Gafni, Prof. Aviva Halamish, Prof. Yitzhak Hen, Prof. Arye Kochavi, Prof. Aharon Oppenheimer, Prof. Daniel R. Schwartz, Prof. Shulamit Shahar, Prof. Israel Shatzman, Prof. Yfaat Weiss

Activités 2010

Réunions :
• 4 March, the Middle Ages – Now!, Annal Conference of researchers of the Middle Ages, jointly with the Department of History at tel Aviv University
• 8 April, Identity and Space, Annual Historians Conference, jointly with the Open University
• 2-12 May, Some Reflections on Language, Nation and Power from the Nineteenth Century to the Ninth, The Jerusalem Lectures in History in Memory of Menahem Stern, guest lecturer: Prof. Patrick Geary, UCLA
• 6 December, International Conference :
Simon Dubnow – 150 years to his birth : Life, Work and Legacy, jointly with the Van Leer Indtitute and the Simon Dubnow insitute – Leipzig

 Publications :
ZION, A Quarterly for Research in Jewish history, VOL. 75 (2010)
HISTORIA, number 24, 2010, number 25, 2010
• Avineri Shlomo, (Ed.), War and Peace
• Gal Allon (Ed.), World Regional Zionism: Geo-Cultural Dimensions,
• vol. I: Eastern and Central Europe
• vol. II: the Balkans, the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia
• vol. III: Western Europe, America, Australia, South Africa
Davis Natalie Zemon, The Gift in Sixteenth-Century France, The Menahem Stern, Jerusalem

Programme 2011
• 3-14 April, Empires in Collision in Late Antiquity, The Jerusalem Lectures in History in Memory of Menahem Stern, guest lecturer: Prof. Glen W. Bowersock, Princeton University
Publications :
ZION, A Quarterly for Research in Jewish History, vol. 76 (2011)
HISTORIA, number 26, Winter 2010, number 27, Summer 2011